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recursive permissions changes

sometimes you need to recursively change the file permissions in the current directory without affecting the folder permissions or vice versa.


  • to change file permissions to owner-only read-write:

    $ find . -type f -exec chmod 600 {} \;

  • to change folder permissions to owner-only access:

    $ find . -type d -exec chmod 700 {} \;

new barefoot running shoes

best ergo keyboard and mouse

Keyboard: Freestyle Ascent
Mouse: VerticalMouse

standing clock

track your standing time: Standing Clock

sitting is killing you infographic

you're doing it wrong

really good article on basic things that we should change

switch to standing

Too Much TV, Screen Time May Mean Earlier Death - ABC News

Too Much TV, Screen Time May Mean Earlier Death - ABC News: “According to the study conducted by a group of international researchers, anyone who devotes more than four hours daily on screen-based entertainment such as TV, video games or surfing the web, ups their risk of heart attack and stroke by 113 percent and the risk of death by any cause by nearly 50 percent compared to those who spend less than two hours daily in screen play – and this is regardless of whether or not they also work

Can sitting too much kill you?

Can sitting too much kill you?: “Western society is built around sitting. We sit at work, we sit at school, we sit at home, and we sit in our cars as we commute back and forth. In fact, a recent survey reports that the average American accumulates more than 8 hours of sedentary behavior every day—roughly half of their waking hours.”

(Via Scientific American.)

the $2 Trillion hidden tax

The Age of Uncertainty | The Foundry: Conservative Policy News.: “All this uncertainty ‘complicates planning and discourages hiring and investment’ because ‘businesses tend to be more reluctant to invest when they perceive high levels of uncertainty about various things, including taxes.’ One bitter fruit of all this uncertainty can be gleaned from a recent Federal Reserve study.

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